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Respected Pran Sahab,

I am 20 yrs old and great fan of yours. I have been watching your
movies since when i started watching movies. I have immense respect
for all artists of golden age especially you.
The charm and magic you bring in movies can't be expressed.
I am a small poet and tried to convert my feelings into poem.

वो आवाज़ का जादू या गर्मी हो लहजे की
वो अन्दाज़ निराला हो या चमक हो चेहरे की
हम किसको करेँ याद और किसको भुलाएँ
तुम्हेँ देखते हैँ जितना , उतना तुम्हेँ चाहेँ
हर बात तुम्हारी यूँ औरोँ से है जुदा
जैसे फ़लक पे चाँद सितारोँ से है जुदा
हैँ आज भी दुनिया मेँ फ़नकार बहुत अच्छे
आगे तुम्हारे लगते हैँ लेकिन सभी बच्चे
आज बस जिस्म के चर्चे हैँ जान नहीँ है
सब कुछ है सिनेमा मेँ मगर 'प्राण' नहीँ है
यूँ ही सदा हँसते रहो न तुम्हेँ हो कभी ग़म
है दुआ हमारे बीच रहो ऐसे ही तुम हर दम

आयुष 'चराग़

9th May 2012.
Pran autographs 2 impressive sketches made by a young fan, Nikhil Kasaralkar (in checked shirt) from Thane.

Anil Palle, from badlapur, shows his collection of articles and photographs of Pran, that he has been collecting for the last 40 years. He has a letter from Pran dated 1977, sent in reply to his fan mail.

Anil palle his journals Nikhil and the sketches  


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Gentle in nature and courteous in disposition, Pran is restrained in his criticism of friends and foes alike, so as not to hurt their feelings. He has a special way with people, which binds them to him with enduring affection, esteem and loyalty. A true index of his greatness. He is an unwavering citadel of decency, integrity and nobility. He has a ‘glowing personality’ and ‘sterling character’.
Poem by Arun Fernandes for PRAN
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