Aruna Irani's memories in Stardust

Another person I was terrified of , was Pran. I had always seen him as a villain on screen and we were doing Johar Mehmood in Hong Kong together. I was very young then. When we shot in Hong Kong, I was so out of place that I only wanted to get back home. Pranji and I finished the shoot earlier than the others and he was asked to escort me back to Bombay. Our flight from Hong Kong was delayed and therefore we missed the connecting flight from Calcutta. We had no choice but to spend a night at a hotel and I was terrified at the thought. I was sure Pranji would rape me. Once we reached the hotel, he dropped me to my room and said, 'Lock your door from inside. I am in the next room. If anybody knocks on the door, don't open it… Inform me on the phone'. I was so touched that he had turned out to be such a gentleman. Now that I know him, I just adore that man. You can put him at the top of the list in the whole industry. He is a gem of a person.