Cineblitz May, 2000

Pran's Fab Present!

So fabulous sweets. To celebrate their father's 80th birthday, pran's children Arvind Sikand and Pinky Bhalla, presented him with his own web site! Yes darlings, the proud actor had a wonderful celebration with Nimmi, Dilip Kumar, Naseem Banu, Saira Banu and Yash Johar in attendance. Shammi kapoor and Dilip surfed the net along with Pran, and it appeared as though they had a lot of fun. Pran looks like he should do a whole load of films again. I must say in following with the trend of things, Sanjay Khan has gone and launched a web site for Hrithik Roshan as well. It's being funded by Ashok Wadhwa. So the boy, in addition to earning like a dream, is worth many more crores because of it. I'm not sure of this site is but I'd certainly like you to catch a glimpse of one of the greatest baddies- turned-fabulous-character-actor, Pran, on his site, which is: